Dr Shiffman - Laser Hair Removal In Toronto

Unwanted hair can be a severe embarrassment.
Traditional methods for dealing with unwanted hair
include - waxing, shaving, bleaching, plucking,
depilatory creams, sugaring and electrolysis. All of
these methods can be useful but have their
limitations. Over the past few years, new laser
technology has been developed to deal with
unwanted hair. Like all aspects of science, the
relative knowledge and techniques are improving

In very general terms, the laser delivers intense light energy to the skin. This
energy is selectively absorbed by the pigment in hair and is converted to heat.
This heat disables the hair building components for varying periods of time,
ranging from several weeks to several months. Many hair follicles are
permanently disabled. With repeat treatments, the hair free time will increase,
and those hairs which do re-grow, are thinner and lighter in colour than initially.

The ideal patient is one with light coloured skin and dark hairs. White hairs do
not absorb the laser energy and therefore do not respond. The darker the skin
colour, the more difficult it is for the laser light to pass through to the hair follicle.
However, the newest laser technology does allow darker skinned patients to be
treated. Most anatomic areas can be treated including face, ears, legs, back,
breasts, bikini, etc.

At the time of treatment, the hair should be no more than stubble length. The
area should be shaved to this length 2-3 days prior to treatment. The area should
not be waxed or plucked for about 6 weeks prior to treatment. It is best to have
no tan at the time of treatment and you will need to avoid tanning for several
weeks after treatment.

There is mild discomfort with the treatment. This varies with the area treated and
with individual sensitivity. Depending on which laser is used, there is either a
cooled hand piece or a jet of cool spray that conducts heat away from the skin
and decreases discomfort. An anaesthetic cream can be used prior to treatment.

Laser hair removal is an exceedingly safe procedure when performed properly.
Scarring and permanent alteration of pigment can occur, but as of January 2013
we have performed over 6100 procedures in our office with no permanent adverse
effect in any patient.

This treatment is not covered by OHIP. Patients are responsible for payment. The
cost of treatments will be discussed with you prior to treatment. Over the past
few years, the cost of this procedure has dropped significantly. You may be
surprised at how effective and affordable laser hair removal can be.

Why have laser hair removal treatments in a Dermatology office like Dr.
Shiffman's Toronto office?

1] A dermatologist will ensure that you are a good candidate for laser hair
removal and that there are no contraindications to treatment.

2] A dermatologist will ensure that up to date technology is being used.
Outdated technology often yields inferior results.

3] A dermatologist will ensure that proper aseptic technique is observed and
that the technician performing your procedure is properly trained.

4] Side effects from laser hair removal are uncommon but can occur. A
dermatologist is the person who is best able to deal with possible side-effects
of laser hair removal. If you have a problem you will have access to a
dermatologist, usually on the same or next day.

6] Price – We constantly monitor the advertising of spas, salons etc. that offer
laser hair removal. Our prices are comparable. The expertise of a dermatologist is
included in the price!

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